Take the hassle out of booking rooms

No more double-booking, interrupted meetings or wasted slots. The Evoko Room Manager is a new system for booking rooms that displays the booking status clearly outside the meeting room on touch-sensitive screens. You book meetings just as you have always done in Microsoft Outlook. The Evoko Room Manager also makes it possible to check the booking status directly on the touch-sensitive screen. And the red or green background illumination of the screen means that you can see at a distance whether the room is free or not.

Touch. Schedule. Meet.

Book from wherever you are

Easy installation

Put an end to double bookings

Due to the support for Microsoft’s ”Cloud”-application, MS Office 365, and Outlook Web Access, it is possible to book meeting rooms from anywhere in the world. Installing the Evoko Room Manager is as simple as adding the meeting room as a user at the Microsoft Exchange Server, and this does not require any changes to IT security.

The screen helps personnel to rapidly find an unoccupied meeting room, thus avoiding disturbing meetings that are in progress.

Evoko Room Manager
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Evoko Room Manager

You’re soon in touch

The Evoko Room Manager simply consists of an 8" touch-sensitive screen that is placed on the wall outside of the meeting room, connected to the company Exchange Server. No additional software is required. Installation on the server is as simple as adding a new employee to the network.

Clarity is the point

All important information is displayed on the screen: current time, starting time and finishing time of the meeting in progress and how long the meeting will continue.

Evoko screen

The touch-sensitive screen displays an overview of the booking status and enables you to book the room, confirm a booking, cancel a booking or extend a meeting in progress. 
If you choose the “Confirm” function at installation a booking that is not confirmed 5-30 minutes after the start of the meeting, will be released and the room will be available for new bookings.

You can also report a fault on the projector or other technical equipment in the meeting room with a touch on the relevant symbol. The flat 8" screen of the Evoko Room Manager gives a discrete impression and blends well into both modern and classical surroundings.

Report issues directly

Book from your office, from the Cloud, or directly on the screen.

Evoko mounted on the wall

Due to the support for Microsoft’s ”Cloud”-application, MS Office 365, and Outlook Web Access, it is possible to book meeting rooms not only from your office but also from anywhere in the world, using the Internet. You can make bookings for today directly on the touch-sensitive screen, using the intuitive symbols and selecting the time interval required. Bookings made in the Evoko Room Manager and in Outlook are automatically synchronised.


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